Fee Schedule 

Updated January 27, 2024


  • Monthly training fee: $1,000.00/month/dog 


  • Daily training truck fee: $35.00/day/dog


  • Daily walk-on training fee: $50.00/day/dog 


  • Live Birds: $25.00/duck or pheasant 


  • Field Trial Entries: Owner’s responsibility to ensure their dog(s) are entered on Entry Express  www.entryexpress.net


  • Heartworm, flea and tick (i.e., Revolution. Frontline, Simparica) medications: Owner provided.  Bulk provisions by MMR are no longer available.


  • Veterinarian: payment of all vet bills, hospitalization, medication or special diet needs are the responsibility of the owner.


  • Vaccines: Owner is responsible for kennel cough prior to training with or on-boarding their dog with MMR. To minimize risk and exposure to contagious conditions, MMR requires your dog to have a current kennel cough vaccine. The canine flu vaccine is also recommended. Thank you for your cooperation where the health and safety of all dogs are concerned.