Eric Fangsrud, Professional Field Trial retriever trainer and owner of Mission Mountain Retrievers (MMR) has been professionally training retrievers for competition for over 35 years. He has trained and titled many dogs over his career, qualifying numerous dogs for American and Canadian National competitions.  Eric specializes in the development of the full field trial retriever, from break-out to all-age. His consistent record of success has placed him at the top of the field trial sport. 

Mission Mountain Retriever’s training philosophy is to train every dog to its maximum potential using progressive training techniques that teach, build confidence and produce strong competitors in the field trial arena. We do this through attrition and balance of marking and drill concepts. We apply clear and consistent reinforcement of teachings that reward effort throughout concept training. This approach allows our dogs to make mistakes, while concurrently learning how to advance in training. We believe that a dog’s mental attitude is a key characteristic of its potential for success. Mission Mountain Retrievers, its clientele and the dogs we train have enjoyed many memorable and outstanding successes as a result of our training philosophy.

Beginning in late 2021, Eric is no longer running field trials. MMR continues to encourage clients to participate in on-site training to improve their communication and handling skills with their dogs and refine their competitive edge. Client success during Field Trial competition at all levels remains the foundational goal of MMR.